If you are interested in getting a heated floor, you might be wondering exactly where to go from establishing that you are interested in getting a heated floor.  The first thing that you need to consider doing is finding a company, or multiple companies, that do under floor heating installation, and get one company to evaluate your house for the possibility of getting heating installed.  There could always be problems with certain homes that prevent them from having floor heating installed, and you want to know about these issues – and whether or not your home has them – before you pay to have anything installed.  The next step to take once you have a home analysis done is to get several quotes from several different companies so that you know how much money this particular investment is going to cost in the long term.  Most companies cannot give quotes until they have done a home visit, so it would be advantageous to choose one or two companies to do home visits so that you don’t end up spending a lot of money for companies that you would not be likely to choose to work on your house anyways.  Once you have chosen several companies, and they have come out to do home visits and given you a quote, it is time to choose one company to actually work on your house.  Make sure that you chose the company that you feel most comfortable with, and let them get to work!