Are you thinking about building your own personal home work center?  Do you have a project or series of projects in mind?  If you do, then it might be time to visit the hardware store and grab some of the essentials today.  Don’t let yourself get bored with a comfortable life, create challenges that you can overcome and get to work today.  What types of things are you interested in building?  Maybe a boat – that does seem like a worthy adversary for any person.  Or a line of furniture?  The choice could be yours, and whether you need a serious wire rope hoist, or simple hand tools, don’t let the little things stand in your way. 

Do you have a project in mind?  The first step to completing any project is setting goals to accomplish it.  Start with small steps, like purchasing materials, or the simpler processes in the actual project itself.  For instance, if you need a beam clamp to complete a project, then one of your initial steps should be to purchase a beam clamp.  Or, if the first real step to take in your project requires you to tighten your fence, using a come along, then you tighten the fence before moving on to the next step.  Once you complete the small steps, move along to the larger steps, putting it all together for the finished product.  Let’s get started on that boat!