Wicker furniture is something that is really popular, no matter where in the United States you live. But before you go and buy your furniture, you should learn some things about taking care of it. Below are some tips for caring for the furniture that you should use to care for it.

Dust – Remove any dust through using your vacuum’s brush attachment.  Doing this regularly is going to prevent the buildup of dirt in the crevices.  If dirt, fur, hair, or dust gets lodged, use a paintbrush that is dry and clean.

Wash – When you want to wash your furniture, use two tablespoons ammonia in a gallon of water. If you want to look for something else, there are some great products that you can buy for cleaning your wicker. You want to wash your furniture thoroughly and quickly.  But don’t saturate it too much.

Watch Your Weave – Keep an eye on the weave while you’re cleaning. If the spaces in the weave shifts, make sure that you’re evening it out. If the spacing’s uneven, this can weaken and stress the wicker.  This is going to cause your furniture to break when someone is sitting on it and can really damage your furniture.

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