Artificial Turf Supply is always thrilled to hear about the innovative ways in which an artificial turf lawn can benefit the environment. Reuters reports that Yellowstone National Park is selling its recyclable plastic bottles to a company that will convert them into backing for carpet and outdoor artificial turf. This praiseworthy move by Yellowstone Park will reduce the number of plastic bottles that go into landfills; because as we all know, plastic bottles use a lot of fossil fuels and pollute the environment.

“Yellowstone was created as the world’s first national park in 1872,” Jim Evanoff, environmental protection specialist with Yellowstone National Park, told Reuters. He added, “We have an obligation to set the example for promoting sound environmental stewardship practices that will serve as a model for future generations. This new partnership not only diverts plastics from landfills, it dramatically decreases the fuel and other resources used to transport materials around the planet.”

From conserving water to eliminating the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, an artificial grass lawn is an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass.