Artificial turf – you have probably seen it in sports stadiums, but is it a good alternative for your yard? Thanks to new developments by artificial turf manufacturers, synthetic lawns are becoming a popular alternative for homeowners around the country.

Why has artificial grass become so popular? There are six benefits to having artificial turf:

1. Artificial grass can save you thousands of dollars on your water bills.

After all, synthetic lawns do not need to be watered. For every hour you spend watering your grass, you are using hundreds of gallons of water. Think of all the money you could save by installing artificial turf!

2. Artificial grass does not need any maintenance.

Do you feel like you spend more time maintaining your yard than actually enjoying it? If you’re tired of mowing, fertilizing, and seeding, consider artificial grass. That way, you can stop working so hard on your yard, and spend more time having fun in it with your friends and family.

3. Artificial grass lasts longer than natural grass.

Synthetic lawns will not die from the scorching heat of the summer or from the frigid cold of the winter. Since artificial grass can handle the elements better, it lasts longer than natural grass.

4. Artificial turf is safer to run and play on.

Since artificial grass is much more flat than natural grass, you and your kids are not as likely to trip when you’re running on it. Plus, many artificial turf manufacturers will also install infill with your artificial grass. Infill is tiny pieces of either sand or rubber that cushion you when you’re running or playing.

5. Artificial turf can go in any area – large or small.

Synthetic lawns aren’t just for sprawling acres of land. Artificial turf manufacturers can install artificial grass anywhere you need it, whether you have a huge yard, or a tiny space.

6. Artificial turf will not be damaged by your pets.

Don’t worry – man’s best friend won’t destroy your synthetic lawn! If your pet does his business in the yard, that’s fine. All you’ll have to do is rinse off the area with a little bit of water, and your artificial grass will look as good as new!